Palestine Text Set-Middle Grade

Over the next few weeks or so I will be posting about books and resources relating to Palestine. This is the first one and I am looking at books for middle grade readers (around grades 6-8). A couple of weekends ago The Right Pen Collective launched the inaugural Virtual Australian Muslim Writers’ Festival. The Right Pen Collective’s mission is to make books by Muslim Australian … Continue reading Palestine Text Set-Middle Grade

Reflections on #AustralianPoetryMonth

I’ve spent the last month highlighting a book of poetry a day by a poet writing in so-called Australia. Over the past year and a half I’ve been reading a lot more poetry from local authors. This month gave me a chance to look more closely at my collection. There are of course many more poets I could have included and many of the authors … Continue reading Reflections on #AustralianPoetryMonth

#AustralianPoetryMonth with #RedRoomPoetry-Day 31: Maria Takolander: Trigger Warning (UQP, 2021)

“Trigger Warning is not for the fainthearted, but neither are the elemental realities of domestic violence and environmental catastrophe that these astonishing poems address. Comprising three sections, the first summons a difficult personal history by conversing with poets – from Sylvia Plath to Anne Carson – whose dramatised confessions trigger Takolander’s own. The second part remains focused on the domestic, while redeeming that scene of trauma … Continue reading #AustralianPoetryMonth with #RedRoomPoetry-Day 31: Maria Takolander: Trigger Warning (UQP, 2021)