APIDA-Graphic Novels: The Magic Fish

Such a gorgeous book! The Magic Fish blew me away with its beauty and storytelling sparks. It’s a story about storytelling and the power it has to affect and direct our lives. Trung Le Nguyen says he wanted to explore how stories can “decenter the gravity of marginalization”. He uses a limited color palette to show the three parts of the stories. Contemporary life (1998) … Continue reading APIDA-Graphic Novels: The Magic Fish

APIDA children’s literature-picture books

Originally posted on La Pluma Poderosa: Book Reviews:
Before I move to discuss some picture books I have on hand I’ll link to another couple of book lists that are helpful. They aren’t all picture books but I’m going to focus on picture books here. 31 Books to Celebrate Asian/Pacific Heritage Month Asian American Kids Books AAPI Month from the Today Show The Today Show… Continue reading APIDA children’s literature-picture books