Cognitive Flexibility and the CC$$

A FB entry I posted on the BATs for Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Equity page

I’m in the middle of a short paper about reading comprehension. I’m reading about cognitive flexibility at the moment. Cognitive flexibility refers to being able to use numerous cues when reading. All I can think about is the CC$$ and how students will be pushed into getting all the info from text and not relating it back to their lived experiences. This got me onto the CC$$ website and I’ll link to the FAQ’s below. 

What got my hackles up relative to this group is this: 

“Do these standards incorporate both content and skills

In English language arts, the Common Core State Standards require certain critical content for all students, including: 

Classic myths and stories from around the world;
America’s Founding Documents;
Foundational American literature: and

The remaining crucial decisions about what content should be taught are left to state and local determination. In addition to content coverage, the Common Core State Standards require that students systematically acquire knowledge in literature and other disciplines through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

So the reading above is ‘required’. All that reading does is promote the dominant class and relegate works that truly reflect the diversity in the US to a second tier. All the reading above is by white males. I have a feeling that ‘Foundational American Literature’ won’t include works by anyone but white males. The CC$$ were created by white males so no huge surprise but this has to be countered. Classic myths and stories could be varied but again, I highly doubt David Coleman and his fellow freaks think anything other than the European and White American versions should be used.
What are they so afraid of???
In one of her books in the Teaching series, bell hooks affirms that is isn’t an either/or. It isn’t the hegemonical canon OR a much more diverse representation of our society. It is both together. 

Now I need to work all this into my paper. My teacher is very much a proponent of culturally responsive pedagogy so I feel it will be appreciated.


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