Stand with the teachers of Garfield High in Seattle

The teachers at Garfield High in Seattle unanimously voted no to administering the MAP high stakes test. They have been supported by parents and students who know the teachers have their best interests at heart. Corporate reform in the guise of high stakes testing does nothing to advance individual student’s knowledge of the world, their critical thinking skills and the belief in themselves as competent learners. The teachers at Garfield High have been threatened with suspension without pay if they do not administer the MAP test by Friday. They are standing by their beliefs and are not kowtowing to top down pressures from money making entities who only have profit in mind.


Follow their progress at:

I’ll be in Seattle tomorrow visiting a teaching friend so we’re going to the forum. I’m excited to see what the follow up from this event will be. Too many children nationwide are being short-changed academically, socially and economically by high stakes testing that is of no educational benefit whatsoever. 


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